Pay the UK HGV road levy with the DKV Card

On April 1st, 2014, the United Kingdom introduces a time-based charge for foreign HGVs with a total weight of 12 tonnes and above. This applies to all public roads and must be paid in advance before entry into the country. The charge is paid directly through the online portal of the charge operator, Northgate Public Services.

It can also be paid on the ferry before arrival in the UK as well as at some service stations outside the country. The DKV Card can be used to purchase daily, weekly, six-monthly and annual vignettes at the above POS. DKV customers receive a transparent and comprehensible invoice. In addition to this, the charge transactions are summarized in DKV eReporting.

The level of the charge depends on the registered total weight of the vehicle and the number of axles. The type of vehicle also has an influence on the level of charge. The charge operator has defined four subcategories: HGVs, HGVs with trailers over 4,000 kilograms, tractor units with two axles, and tractor units with three or more axles.