Finance Lease from Affinity Leasing brings you all the benefits of owning assets without any of the usual obstacles.


What is a Finance Lease?

The most common form of leasing across Europe is the Finance lease, which results in the client accounting for the leased asset in their balance sheet and amortising it in line with their other fixed assets. Under this form of lease finance the owner of the vehicle is the leasing company but the client takes responsibility for the use of the assets.

What are the Benefits?

The client will finance the asset over a pre-determined period which will be linked to the life of the asset. One of the benefits of a Finance lease is the flexibility to allow the client to minimise or maximise the monthly payments, this can be achieved by amending the duration of the lease agreement and or by changing the value of the advance payment.

Since the lease company owns the asset there is normally no other requirements for collateral to cover the risk and as such there is no pressure on your other already existing credit facilities.

At the end of the Finance agreement the ownership of the asset is transferred to the clients normally for a nominal fee or the conclusion of the last payment instalment.

So if it’s flexible financing you’re after, our finance leasing facility could be the way forward.
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