Affinity Leasing’s cross border leasing packages offer many benefits and a local single point of contact


What is Cross Border Leasing?

Cross Border leasing is a transaction between two parties who are domicile in different countries. By utilising cross border leasing our client is able to capitalise on the preferential tax regimes in their non-domicile locations.

One of the main factors which affect a company ability to grow and develop is the level of cash available to it. As such we look to find ways in which we can maximise the amount of cash our clients have available to them at any one time.

The benefits of cross border leasing

But offering cross border leasing, our clients are able to take advantage of the VAT regulations across Europe and thus reduce their monthly lease payments and improve their cash flow.

By working with our Lease company in Malta our clients are able to utilise the benefits of cross border leasing but at the same time having a local account manager who will be able to assist them with all their requirements and concerns.

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